One of the best additions to the PR POWERSHOT system is the Domain Sentinel.

Allowing you to search for AGED DOMAINS 24 x 7

Lets have a quick look through The Domain Sentinel system (or domain Alerts) in PR Powershot and see how we can show you the system can search for Aged Domains and domains with page rank for you, 24 x7

Within PR powershot, you can search and look for aged domains and expired domains quickly and easily.
Simply drop in a keyword – and select the domain extensions you are looking for (.com, .org, .net etc)

The PR powershot also allows you to SAVE your search terms… and this is where the domain sentinel kicks in.

Watch this video to see the Domain Sentinel system at work


Never miss a chance to Buy Aged Domains

When you are domaining… there are LITERALLY millions of domains that are expiring domains or dropping, every single day and when you want to buy aged domains you are looking for these bargains all the time.

The great news is… that now, PR Powershot will do the looking FOR you.

You simply enter your terms – and save the search.

And then the domain sentinel system will scour the list of domains that are available – and email you when a new domain comes into the system that meets your criteria.

Check The Quality of the Aged Domains Before You Purchase

You can check backlinks, Alexa rankings (coming soon) and even social signals such as facebook ‘likes’ and twitter mentions of the domain.
This means that when you are buying Aged domains – and looking for domains with High PR, Or domains with PR and traffic – the domain sentinel system on PR Powershot will make the selection EASY for you.

Grab the PR Powershot system, and setup some domain alerts – so you never miss one of those aged domain DIAMONDS ever again.



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