Introduction: Buying Expired domains

If a domain name is not re-registered by the owner after expiry, it automatically expires and becomes an expired domain. There are very many expired domain names that are available for sale daily because many domain owners fail to renew them due to a number of reasons. (even forgetting!!)

Introducing Expired domains

Expired Domains can be a HUGE boost to your online business

Reasons behind expired domains

Some of the reasons include; the domain owner forgetting to re-register his/her domain, the domain owner failing to re-register because they do not want or need the domain any more or lastly the domain owner closing down the business using the domain and he/she fails to de-register the domain name due to obvious reasons.

There are many benefits of buying expired domain names . People who buy or sell domains do so for a profit therefore they are constantly looking for expired domain names that they can make huge returns from.

It should therefore not come as a surprise that many bloggers and internet marketers are constantly tapping into the expired domain market to buy domains for use or for building their own blogs/websites. Below are the main advantages of expired domains

Advantages of Expired domains

1. Back links

One of the main advantages of buying expired domain names is that they come with back links. If you are buying an expired domain that has been receiving good traffic, the domain always comes with numerous links from other websites around the web. Most expired domain names are listed on directories such as Yahoo, Google and DMOZ. The fact that they are listed in this directories means that they have some very strong links with search engines like Google and yahoo.

If you were to buy such a domain and build your site on it, you will probably benefit from search engine ranking which is good for your website/blog. Expired domains can therefore help you get more search engine traffic from existing back links.

2. Profit

Another advantage of buying or selling expired domains is that you can profit from it. The main aim why many people sell expired domains is to make money. For instance, expired domains with a good search engine rank, strong back links and age are considered to be very desirable because they can be sold for a profit to a wide range of people i.e. Internet marketers, businesses, bloggers e.t.c who are looking for domains to build their sites on.

3. Simplifies the process of building a website

The process of building a website from scratch can be very stressful and time consuming. The simplicity of the process of building a website or a blog on an expired domain is among the main reason why many people prefer to buy expired domain names . When building a website, age, page rank, back links and reputation normally take very long to build. If you are fortunate enough to afford an expired domain name that comes with all these factors, then your experience of building your website will be simpler compared to other newer websites in the same niche being built from scratch.

Conclusion: Expired domains

In summary, finding a suitable expired domain is bound to simplify your experience of site building because of the above advantages of expired domains. You should however concentrate on buying expired domains that are gems in their niche. Your choice should also focus on domains that can be resold for a profit or those that can help you build a successful website or blog.

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